A Prayer of a Ten Year Old
By:  Palms139@aol.com

My mom died when I was ten.  She left 3 girls ages 8, 10 & 12. We all three were put in the care of my aunt who was a very heavy drinker and everything else.  After my mom passed, the authorities made sure that we were placed in the home of my aunt who was well to do.  Anyway, I missed my mom a great deal and she instilled in all of us to always pray when we didn't know where to go.  I had a bible under my pillow and at night when my baby sister and I would get scared, I would pray.  One night while praying, I heard a voice and he said to read the book of Gen, 1:8. and to stop crying because my mom wasn't dead she was only in a better place and would always be with me. They said I had only to keep my thoughts on God and they would guide me through my walk.  Every night this voice came.  I told my sisters of the voice I heard and they thought I was crazy.  I told grown people about the voice and they told me to stop talking about hearing voices because that meant that you were crazy.  Well, the voices never stopped and help a lot of people though a lot of things. I'm now 57 years old and guess what?  Now I see them every day, everywhere I go they are with me and guess what?  I prayed to God to let certain people see what I've always seen and He has.  Guess who isn't so called crazy any more?  God's angels have done mighty things in my life.  As I pray and ask for more understanding of His beautiful Heavenly Messengers he allows me to see more.  I cannot began to tell you about my angels who were sent by the Father.  Oh Yes, I believe in angels, they are my watchers.
One morning about 6:30, I was going to the bus stop and it was dark.  Ahead, I could see a man with a dog.  It didn't bother me much so I kept on walking.  Then I heard this voice say, "Stand still."  I looked ahead and the dog started to run towards me; the man was screaming for the dog to stop. The voice said, "Put your arm up in front of your face."  I obeyed and the dog grabbed my right arm but his teeth turned to a sponge.  When he tried to bite me, not once but 2-3 times,  his teeth folded back.  The man finally caught up with us and grabbed the dog around the neck.  He asked me if all was ok, I said, "Yes, all is ok."   When I got to work,  I had bruises all up my left arm. That was the third time I had been attacked by a large dog and each time the voice came.

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