An Angel Took Control

One semi foggy morning I was driving four of us to work at Everett, Wash. My car was a 1949 Nash (upside down bath tub),doing 50mph. The road was dry until the approach to the Snohomish River  was a glaze of ice. We were horrified to see two men helping a lady up and a Buick cross-wise just behind them about 500 feet ahead.Carefully trying the brakes twice proved no way to prevent sqashing them like bugs,so I tried crowding into the 10 inch edge of a walk on the right side. That seemed useless too,after twice bouncing away. There was only time for one more brief try at that. I might have said it out loud--"Oh Lord,you know what this is". We stopped about 15 feet from them. They said it looked like the fourth of July coming at them. I will swear on a stack of Bibles that was NOT my driving!  It felt like a minor thing when, after everyone was clear, another car flattened our right rear and spun the Buick half way around.

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