God's Underwater Angels
By: olhuka@yahoo.com

July,1968, I was working on a commercial fishing (Reef-net) anchor at Lummi Island,60 feet deep. It was only to be a minor adjustment of a cable. My breathing rig was the old large type hose  with double tanks. All at once I carelessly jammed a cable between the tank valve and regulator. Between the hose being pinched shut,the metal end on the one inch tank strap stuck in "d" rings, and lost my bayonet knife the evening before, that left me held there with no air. After twisting everywhere but loose, I quit, saying "O K,Lord--if this is what you have for me, you know best". Then to myself "you idiot, giving up--still conscious--family up there",fought a little more and the lights went out. Of course that should have been it. The Lord released me. Upon waking and whizzing up the anchor cable,"What am I doing here?". About 15 feet from the surface, trying unsucessfully to breathe again,I felt--someone is right next to me, so strongly that I turned all the way around the cable, almost in tears for inability to thank who ever is here working for The Lord. Then,like a voice "It is going to be all right". Looking up at Tom Philpott's skiff, I thought "I hope so". The lights went out again and I floated to the surface. Tom couldn't handle the weight with my tanks (he said "it just didn't occur to me to cut your straps") so he called to four guys,400 feet away. When there was no heartbeat,my face was discolored and fluids from nose and mouth,Tom agreed I was dead. He told me later, he is sure The Lord prompted him to declare "We just have to do something.I took a CPR course about a year ago". And he quickly wiped some of the mess away.and i woke up with him puffing on my mouth.  I didn't know  shock could begin an hour and a half later and produce violent shaking for nine hours.
On the way to the beach,I thought "why me and not the young fellow just last year?" ( I had located six anchors in less than 30 feet of water, and soon after broke my leg. While using my air regulator,with no apparent problem,he drowned.) Then,that same voice,"You are not done here. There is something very special for you to do." 



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