Angels in my Dream


Lately, I've been reading stories about angels, even before I was so fascinated and inspired by the other people who have stories about their encounter with angels. It was so uplifting and spread peace to  myself  even just by reading their stories.  Last November 03, 2008, early in the morning, i dropped by again to to read some inspiring angel stories, and then i finished reading after lunch, since i was so amazed, i prayed to God that i see a feather so that i know if my angel is present, and if ever i forgot my request, i asked God to remind me when i see a feather that it was my angel. Come night, i was sleeping, i dreamt of 3 angels who appeared to me outside my room, it was so peaceful, d first angel, was blurred, i didn't see its face clearly,but in my heart i kow its an angel, then the 2nd angel appeared to me, it was like cupid, cute little angel, he is chubby and he's smiling through me. the 3rd one is a girl angel, she's wearing a white robe, its wings and her whole body was so shiny and it radiates light. in my dream i was so happy to see them, because they bring peace and happiness. when i woke up the next morning, i was smiling because of my dream, God didn't grant my feather request, but what He let me experienced is more than what i asked of HIm, He let me encounter angels and see them personally, in my dreams. God is so good, all the time.  Praise Him and his angels. 

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