An Angel Story, An Angel Experience...
Sometimes even miracles take a little time, and with a tear drop we shedd in life, thats when we know happiness is just a tear drop away...I was four years old when I got on top of my mothers dresser in my room, she was gone for a couple moments to do something, and I was thristy, I saw a bottle of some sort of liquid on it, and it was orange. I thought It was orange juice..I got up the dresser and drank it half way (it was about 1LTR) and I got sick, then i passed out I was rushed to a hospital, and all I rememeber was this blur of white light in the room, for moments the doctors lost me, because of the poision, these two angels stood by Jesus and he said to me I could not stay It was not time, he said that I needed to stay to help people, and to live up to the plans he has for me. l get married, have children and to have a job..I was taken down to earth again by the two angel and felt like i was pulled back into my body, with a rush of air, I was alive, I made it..I did not I am alive and I pray to the Lord each and everyday..and each and everynight.. I believe in Jesus and I love him very much, and though I wonder what those plans will turn out to be and what they will be like and when they shall come, I know I am alive to make a difference, and to change peoples lives, like the Lord has changed mine..I am an adult now, and my mother and I talked a few days ago about me, somehow the topic came up from when I was little, but the things I onced remeber I forgot, and the Lord through my mom helped me to remember. that he will never leave you nor forsake you and nothing on this earth nor in the pass present nor future will change the way the Lord loves me, nor will his love ever stop. the joy of the Lord will be my strength and each day of sunshine and rain will both help me mother told me the Lord wanted her to name me andie..and he told my mom when I was a baby that he has plans for me..and now I am alive and loving to say miracles do happen, God does excist and angels do live! and there is a hope for you and plans that God wants you to meet with him. I love you all very much and hope my true story has also made and impact on your life, as it has for mine..may all your hopes, dreams, and plans be as the Lord wills, and as you wish..may truth and wisedome come from, the smallest Iris..God bless..
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