Gabriel and Michael

My dad is a truck driver (diesel) and on this day in 1995, when I was 7, he was driving one of the smaller service trucks with tanks in the back. He was driving in the middle of the country where there were no houses or people. I am still not sure what was in the tanks, but they were flammable. He was driving down the road in the evening and another truck was driving the opposite direction and I am not sure the details of what caused the accident but the truck slammed into my dad's driver side door and flipped the truck over and into a canal. The other driver's car, after hitting my dad's, spun around and onto the other side of the road. The impact knocked my dad out and a fire had started in the cab from one of the tanks.
Another car drove up to the scene and two men got out and ran to the truck and pulled my dad from the wreckage. They carried him across the street and into a small ravine. Soon after they did this, the truck exploded into flames.
(When I saw the after photos of the truck, you could barely identify what it was, it was charred and black metal wreckage.)
The police were called by the driver who hit my dad. He sat in his car and did not come to until after my dad was pulled out. My dad was taken by mediflight to the hospital where he suffered some slight burns, loss of hearing and some scrapes and bruises. But nothing was broken and no internal organs were damaged. When the police took the names of the two men for their report they wrote "Gabriel and Michael" No last names were on the paper. When my parents tried to contact these men, they couldn't find them anywhere.
They couldn't find them because they went back to heaven after saving my dad.
The police were baffled because they recall last names and address being written down from the men.
God sent two of his angels down to save my father.

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