Do You Believe in Angels?
By: Anonymous

A few weeks ago a close friend of mine attending a reiki healing session. As we discussed her experience we also talked about our guardian angels. We talked about how you can ask for a sign of there presence around us. Open to this suggestion that night I asked my guardian angel to show me a sign. A few days later sitting on the aeroplane on my way to Benidorm, I looked down to see a small white fluffy feather on my right leg. The feeling I had was fantastic and confirmed my beliefs that the angels look out for us. Back at work I was telling my friend about my white feather as we talked about it I became giddy and all excited. Leaving work that night as I was walking to my car a large white feather about 3 inches long swirled round my feet. I picked it up and now have it in my diary, every time I look at it or talk about it, it fills me with joy and I can't keep the smile off my face.

Do I believe in angels yes we all should they are there for us.

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