Choir of Angels

In August of 1995, my mother found out she had breast cancer, well the months following was pure hell. Mother had to take chemo, radiation and the works. I had 5 children and was pregnant with #6. I also tried to be available for my mother as well. To make a long story short, I had to move with my mother to help out on everything and also help my family. Mother was getting worse and a nurse come to see her one day and she asked that I seek help from hospice, Mother would be leaving us soon. I was still in denial and did not believe she was gonna die.  In April of 1996, I went to church with my oldest daughter and my niece as I sat watching the service.  I, all of a sudden, fell asleep (I have never done that before) and when I awoke, which seemed like seconds, I saw a choir of beautiful angels.  They had on brilliant white robes, so white it was unbelievable. I turned and asked my daughter do she see the angels and she did not know what I was talking about. I then closed my eyes and they were gone. This happened on a Sunday, the next day which was Monday, my mother died while I was standing there talking to her unconscious state. I believe these angel come to comfort me for what was about to happen. I took her death better than I thought thanks to God sending angels to comfort me.

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