Angel at the Airport
By: Anonymous

On January 18, 2003, my husband took me to NYC to celebrate my 60th birthday.....
there was some mix up with our hotel accommodations, and we
ended up in a different hotel....not as nice....not the location we
wanted...but downtown Manhattan just the same....our room was "okay", but
nothing special, and the front desk informed  we could be moved the
following day..  When we were given our keys, however, our room number was
1943, (the same year I was born).  I also found a penny on the floor by the
bed....I thought it was an see, my mom had passed in 2001, and I
was still grieving over our loss of her; since her passing I found pennies
everywhere!  I thought we should stay in the hotel, and that we were there
for a reason.

We had a wonderful time in Manhattan, seeing shows, fine dining, exploring
the sites.  then, it was time to head to airport; we wanted to get there in
time to get through the "stepped up" security after September 11.  We pulled
up curb side, my husband was helping the cabbie with luggage and paying for
the ride, and I handled the tickets.  A very warm, friendly African American
skycab rushed up to me, saying your flight to Cleveland has been canceled,
but don't worry, I will get you on another flight....he did not even have
our tickets, know our names or destination at that point!  I kept pushing
our tickets at him to accept, but he ignored me. I finally said, "don't you
need our tickets?"  He looked at me, smiled, and said, "" no, I know who you are________and__________  __________!  Just as he said that, my
husband was at my side, and heard everything.   The skycab then proceeded
to excuse himself, asked us to wait for him, and he would be right back!

He came back, said he got us on a flight that was leaving in 45
minutes....he asked us to come inside with him.  he walked up to the screen,
and started typing our names in, and giving us our seat assignment.  we
thanked him, tipped him, and as he walked away, my husband and I looked at
each other in wonderment; we looked over our shoulders and he was standing
looking at us, smiling....he kept repeating....I just want you to have a
nice flight; I just want you to have a nice flight.

We then got to our gate, and an airport employee called our names over the
speaker....we went to the desk, and she demanded to know how we got those
seats, stating they never give those seats to anyone!  she informed she was
changing our seats; we said we did not care....just keep us on this flight!
we went to sit down, and just as we were seated.....our names were called
again...very upset, the attendant informed she was giving us back our
original seats!   (divine intervention?)

As it turned out, we were given seats right behind first class, with lots of
leg room!  it was then, my husband informed his legs had been killing him,
and he didn't want to say anything, and spoil our joy of seeing Manhattan.
he was very happy to be able to stretch his legs out.  On our flight back
home, my husband says, "honey, I think we just experienced an angel, what do
you think it means?  do you think we are going to have an accident? " I
replied, " honey, I think it means we are going to be all right, no matter
what happens".  We held hands the whole way home, knowing we have been
touched by an angel.

Since that time, my husband has passed; I believe that was his angel we
encountered in NYC; my husband and I  had many experiences after that...I
have had many since his passing....I do know we are in the company of
angels....I do know my husband who is not in his earthly body visits
often...I feel so blessed.....I long for him...but I never feel alone.  God
is always present, and so are His comforters.

My wish for everyone who is reading this website....may God bless you and
yours with an angel visit; you will never be the same.


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