Two Stories
By: Anonymous


One night in 2005 December I was driving back from Botswana alone in the car. On my way back I decided to visit my grandmother. It was around 8pm and very dark. I was driving in a deserted road that had no lights. I was alone on that road. I took a turn towards Randfontein and just after I crossed the railway line in front of me was a man directing me to drive to the side. I looked on the road and there were nails laying all over the road.  I then followed his instructions flicked the hazards and drove away. I was scared to stop and thank him.

I believe it was an angel that came to help me. There was no car next to him, it was a deserted road and very dark for anyone to stand there and help motorist considering the high rate of hijackings  that happen all the time in the exact same tactic. It was too risky.

To this day I thank God for sending me an Angel to protect and help me.
Thank you Lord.


Another story

I was depressed and unhappy when one day late at night when every one was asleep,
suddenly I felt this unexplainable joy in my heart and I also heard a choir singing. It happened twice. I thank you Lord for always sending me Angels to help me in times of great need. Thank you my cosmic friends from the light. I appreciate your presence and help.
Thank you Lord



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