Angels Beside Me

When I was 17 years old in 2000  I had a spinal cord surgery due to a tumor in my spinal cord, thank god was Benign,,, the surgery was 10 hours long, it was 50/ 50 chance of me ending paralyzed, but thanked God everything came out okay, I still remember when I was waking up from my surgery I saw a lady long hair all in white, standing next to my bed just looking down on me with a smile, at least for couple of seconds then she went walking toward the bathroom and disappeared, I didnít get scared I felt peace in my heart and I knew it was an angel watching over me, so when the Dr came in to check on me,  I remember  he asked me how was I doing and if any of my fam member where with me in the room and I said no, but there was a lady out here and I donít know who she was,  I said check the bathroom and he checked and said no one is in there and no one else has came in besides me, and thatís when I knew it was an Angel. I thanked God and his angels for watching over me, and til this day I still remember like it was yesterdayÖ..

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