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Our Angel in the Night

A few years ago, my brother, Raymond (now 17), and I (now 15) were just getting into bed. We had said goodnight to our mother and we turned off the lights. I was always afraid of the dark and often crawled into my brother's bed, who is older by around 2 years. As I still do now, I performed a "routine check" of the room and turned toward the bureau which was placed on the corner of my room. It showed a shadow that startled me for the nights that it remained. The shadow appeared as a women having her head tilted down, and her hands placed together as if praying. In her hands, was a rosary. I was so frightened that I woke my brother up and he quickly noticed it as well. We called for our mother and she turned on the lights. We told her to turn off the lights in order to see what we saw. As soon she did, she saw "her" as well. She comforted us and told us that it was the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ (Our Lord and Savior). Although that should have comforted me, it didn't. I was still scared. The next night it appeared again and so I got up from my brother's bed and moved all the items that we hanging on the bureau. Even after removing all the hat's and i..d. badges (for school) it was still there. I began to think about "her" and angels. I thought about them appearing to me, I was frightened so I forced myself to sleep. The third and final night, "she" was still there. I finally accepted her being there and fell asleep. The following night "she" had not been there. I still think about her and the way she had her head tilted towards the ground and her hands in a praying position with a rosary in between them. I don't really understand why she came, but when I think of it now, I think she was trying to comfort me from fear of the dark. In a way, she did. The mother of angels came to protect and watch over my brother and I. I haven't seen her since then, but the memory is still there, almost as if she never went away.

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