The Visit

I was living in downtown Denver directly across from a beautiful catholic cathedral.  This building was the oldest in the city and has beautiful gray stone on the outside and the inside ornate and breath taking stained glass windows.  I was living in this small apartment unemployed, lonely, and darn
depressed.  Since childhood had a deep respect for the saints and the holy Mother Mary and his son Jesus.  I began to immerse myself into the mystic traditions of the catholic faith and started to say the rosary twice a day once in the morning, and in the evening at the cathedral across from my
apartment with the rosary group.  I soon found myself at peace.

As the prayers continued my life began to improve slowly, my heart softened and the events in my life that I thought were out-of-sync began to change.  My mood lifted, promising job leads began to materialize. One morning after my rosary I entered into my apartment and was taken back because I smelt the scent of roses, it was strong and beautiful and the air in the room had a peaceful and loving energy.  I did not do anything to make the smell like use candles or incense.  It was a scent I did not expect and searched in my apartment for its source.

The smell of roses lasted for several days, and I knew it was not my vivid imagination since visitors to my apartment commented on the beautiful scent and wondered where it came from.  At first, I thought that it might have been an angel that came but feel it was a heavenly visit by Mother Mary.
Catholics document many stories of her visits and when she blesses a place, the smell of roses is the result.  It is her trademark.  If it was an angel or the blessed Mother Mary, I felt honored by the visit.  I smelt the holy of holies.

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