Angel in my Bed

As i'm reading these testimonies of Angels, I keep thinking to myself "why have I not encountered any when I pray each day and talk to my angels?". And just then, it hit me...I have...this must have been my angel and I havent realised it until now...
I've been suffering for 4 months now with problems with my eyes. I cry almost every night and I pray as hard as I can. I spend every waking moment reading testimonies of healings, reading the bible, writing to God and asking for a miracle. One night, about a month ago, after my routine of prayer and tears...I fell fast asleep. That night I had weird dreams that I cannot recall. But I specifically remember feeling and hearing my bed creek slowly as if someone was getting on it, and I was sleeping on my left hand side in the fetal position. This movement was coming onto my bed from behind me, and as the bed creeked very slowly (my bed is old and noisy), I could feel the pressure or presence of this someone beginning to lay behind me. I felt like I could not move, I wanted to turn so badly, but I was still. I was NOT dreaming. I knew something was comforting me from behind, almost like it was laying with me and hugging only last about a minute or two. And the way it came, was the way it left. The same creeking noise from my bed and slow movement. I dont believe I turned around after that, I felt peace, and just drifted back to sleep. 
I woke up the next morning, thinking it was the strangest night...I told my sister on the drive to work that morning, what I had felt. And she only responded with "thats strange". I hadnt truly thought about what happened that night, until now. I am certain it was my angel! A few days later...a white dove was perched on my mailbox, just outside my door....and my dad brought it inside. It was very tame and only wanted to be held. It came to me and I knew instantly, it was from god. I kept the dove for 3 days, and set it free. It all makes sense to me now...
I've always wanted to "see" an angel, but deep inside, im too chicken...I'd be too afraid. My angel must have known, this was its way to comfort me...I just absolutely know it...feels amazing! Praise the Lord!

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