My Story
This happened many years ago and though I have had Gods answers and divine protection hundreds of times since this story in particular is a favorite of mine. IT also seems to be the story God has me share most frequently.

Approximately 12 years ago a relationship had ended between me and a young man, Eddie. After two years of us dating he renounced God and joined a Satanist Cult that went to Ireland.

I was beyond being devasated. I had never even heard of someone doing something of this nature. Despite my upbringing it had also never really occurred to me that there were people out there that didn't believe in God.

Some say I lost it a bit when this took place but it was by grief that seemed to overtake all of my actions. I removed things from my home that were given to me by him. I removed even my couch where he had slept. I was in deep grieving.

I had cut myself off from my friends and as I did for many nights after this I prayed for God to help me. How could this take place? Would he not send me comfort, even an angle perhaps as a sign that all would be well?

For months I sat on my living room floor wailing and pleading with the Lord. I remembered Eddie talking about Arizona as if it were some powerful place. I hated it because it was this place that he renounced God. Yet, I wanted to see it to know for myself. So I made the arrangements necessary and I flew to AZ only a few months later.

It was hot and miserable. I failed to see the beauty of the desert. I failed to see the kindness in others faces. I noticed though how the squirrels would eat from my hands, something I was later advised not to do. The birds would take bread from my finger tips and there were the most unusual little bugs that almost seemed playful.

On top of these strange new things it rained close to the entire days I was there. One would say no way! But yes it rained for the entire stay, except a few hours here and there. I was miserable. On the sixth day I decided to leave early. I lost my ticket and had to pay to reissue another one.

When I arrived at the gate the airline hostess wanted to know  if it were alright with her if we left early. I thought I was dreaming she did say early right? Apparently, there was a storm in Atlanta where I was flying back into.  I eagerly said yes.

Once on the Boegin 727 I looked around at the empty plane. There were a total of 7 people on board including the stewardess and the pilots.

I took my seat that had been assigened right next to a man. I thought how silly and empty flight and I'm sitting next to someone? I would change seats after take off.

The gentleman started chatting to me. He was very nervous about the storms and had never flown before. His chatter was continual so I decided to have some fun with it. I told him how in Atlanta trees would blow across the streets and power lines would be knocked out for days. It was so common it never made the news. Just terrible I would tell him.

He looked on in horror as I broke out laughing. He joined in the laughter and I believe this was the first time I had laughed since Eddie renounced God.

Arriving in Atlanta to sunny, clear skies I took my bag and got off of the plane. As my travel companion followed, I noticed he did not have a suit case nor did we introduce ourselves.

I looked at him and said "I'm sorry my name is Michelle and yours would be?" He smiled widely and said "My name is Angle."

I can not image the look on my face as I glanced over my shoulder and when I turned my head back he was gone. The airport was as empty as the plane and he was no where to be seen or found much like the despair I had been carrying around.

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