Angel Stories
When I was about 13 I lived in Hawaii with my parents. We lived in a very hilly area, not to mention a very thorny, dry area. It is known to be the desert for Hawaii. Anyhoo. As I was riding my bike with a friend my back tire caught a thorn in it. My friend and I headed back to her house to do a quick patch job so that I could at least get back home. My luck, my house was down hill from hers. So I started costing down the hill. When it was time to take the final street I did what I was suppose to do. I stopped looked both way and proceeded to cross. But something told me to wait and look. Sure enough there came a van barreling down the street. Before I could get back to the curb I felt as if someone just picked me up and set me down on the other side of the street. My bike however, totaled. It had been caught under the van. When I got up I was completely stunned to find that I was okay. Didn't have a scratch on me. I collected my bike and proceeded to carry it home.

Now some may say that was "luck". But keep reading....

When I was 24 I was thrilled to be going to Europe for college. Everything was set up. I was going to be leaving on April 5, 2005. I still had loose ends to tie up before I left. Like a Jeep Wrangler to get rid of. I still had about 3 months of payments on it. I had put a for sale sign up on it but had no leads. It was the final week and still no bites. My mother said she would try to get it sold and send me the money when it did, since I was going to need that for my trip.

Well, April 2 was my going away party. I had been drinking which wasn't the most foolish thing I had done. But I did get behind the wheel and drive. That night my back tire blew. As I was bracing for the worst, once again I felt a hand had simply picked the jeep up and set it down on it's side. It skidded a little bit. Amazingly no damage. I could have hit other cars, I could have rammed the fence in someone's yard, but nothing. I walked away once more unharmed.  That morning when I got home and told my mother she called the insurance company who paid me for the damage. The guy who came out to tow my Jeep wanted to buy it as is. I was still free to go to Europe.

The night before I left my mother and I sat up praying. We prayed for a safe journey and for the Lord to keep His hand upon me. My main concern was if something were to happen it would be difficult for me to get back. After all, Europe is clearly half way around the globe from Hawaii. But my mother said to believe that the Lord will provide a way home if anything should happen.

So I get to Europe. For the first two months I am loving it. The classes I was taking where fun and everything was great.

I spoke to one of my roommates about my faith and that I believed in Jesus. She confessed she too had grown up with the faith but never really put it into practice. We would discuss things in the bible that our roommates couldn't get. But it was okay with us. But when the semester began to wind down and every one was starting to head their separate ways I began to get a funny feeling in my stomach that I should go home too. I called my mother expressing that I wanted to stay. That there was still so much for me to see, and that I wasn't home sick, but just felt I needed to be back. So I made up my mind. At this point I was living around Russell Square. I took the tube every day to work and school. I went to work and quit. And I withdrew from my classes for the next semester. I jumped on the train once more and headed back home.

I hadn't been home for three days when the terrorists blew up the tube stations in London. Rattled my nerves. I couldn't believe it. I would have been on that train had I stayed. I would have had my worst thoughts come to pass had I not listened to the Lord's conviction telling me it was time for me to come home.

Now with all this one might think that my "luck" had run out. There is no way one person could have so many encounters and not get burned. Well one more and I'll put this topic down.

Three years ago I was living in Americus, Georgia. A small country town. Old wives tale was that nothing ever happens in or to Americus. The biggest threat Americus has is lightening storms. Well, I thought it was a nice little place to raise a family. My husband and I were expecting. Everything was set. My mother flew out from Hawaii to Georgia to be there for the birth. But the doctor gave us the wrong date. He told us I was due any day and low and behold my mother panicked and flew out early. While her trip was only for a couple of weeks, I began to get nervous because it was almost time for her to go and I still hadn't given birth. So the doctor had me induced. Everything went okay. There was a minor hiccup but all went well. By February 16 my mother was holding her first grand child 4 days before she had to leave.

Well the time eventually came and my mother along with the rest of the family left. It was just my husband, and our new baby girl. On March 4, 2007 I had the scare of my life.

We had just settled down after dinner. I was on the couch nursing when the news flash came on. It wasn't even enough time to understand what was going on before the power went out. I could hear the wind sucking everything around us. My husband grabbed my hand as I held our daughter and made it to the bathroom. It only lasted for a few minutes but I remember laying in the bath tub with our new baby thanking the Lord that I got a chance to hold her should anything happen.

Then it was over. We went outside the next morning. Every single house around ours had something lodge into it, smashed through it or in some way destroyed. Not ours. The Lord's hand let nothing scratch our house. We found out later in the day that the hospital I was in (and the only one in Americus) had been completely destroyed. The wing my room was on was gone. Had we not induced labor we would have been in the hospital during the tornado that the townsfolk said would never happen.

So is there a God? In my mind, yes. Without a shadow of a doubt, there is a God, He is the ruler of all and He will provide all that we need if we only step back and allow Him to do so. 

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