Guardian Angel Speaks

I was driving home from work alone on a winding, hilly two-lane highway in Tennessee, daydreaming as usual.  All of a sudden, I heard a voice say clearly, "Slow down!"  I thought, "Did I really hear that?"  The voice came again, louder.  I heard it in my ears, not in my head:  "Slow Down!!"  OK, I have never heard voices in my life.  This one was distinctly male and authoritative.  I braked and slowed down to about 35 miles per hour.  I went on like that for about a quarter of a mile, over a couple of hills and around curves.  As I came up over another rise, there was a car passing another car, in my lane and completely across the double yellow line.  If I hadn't listened to the voice, I would have hit that car head on.

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