The Necklace
Hi, I am Maggie and September 26 was my birthday. I was feeling sad as this was the third birthday I would be without my son Ed. He always made me feel special.
I decided to go the mall , parked where I never park. I got out of the car and was walking through the parking lot when I spotted something silver. I looked down at it and started to continue when I felt this urge to stop and pick it up.
When I had in the palm of my hand, I  looked at it and it was a silver angel.
I turned it over and it had my son Ed's birthstone on it. I was shaken for a moment and then a feeling of complete knowing, my son was here. He came to see me for my birthday. 
I had a silver chain on that I very seldom wear but meant to this day. I put the angel on it and went on my way.
I thank God for the angel and this miracle. I thank Ed for remembering me.
I felt blessed and peaceful that day.
My son let me know he is always me.
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