Passenger Seat Angel

I've been in two major car accidents that I probably should not have lived through, but by the grace of God, and I think, my Grandma.  She died before I was born, in 1979.  Before she died, she gave my mother a third baby bible, just like she gave my two sisters bibles when they were babies.  The difference is, my mother was not planning on having more children, but my Grandma insisted she have it.  Three years later, I accidently came along.
When I was 14, I was driving down a country road in my very first car.  Speeding as fast as I could (not wearing my seatbelt), testing the limits of my new car.  Then I hit loose gravel and the car fish-tailed uncontrollably.  I remember going down into a ditch, the car went back up the ditch, I was then heading straight for a tree.  At this point, something told me to go left, I obeyed immediately and I swerved hard to the left.  The last thing I remembered was feeling the car tip, then everything went black.  It was so peaceful in the dark; I felt like I was riding a roller coaster, going up and down in the loop-to-loops.  I opened my eyes instantly, when the car stopped it was upside down in the road.  The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was the seat I was just sitting in upside down above me, then I saw the shattered windshield coming to a point not far from my face.  My adrenaline kicked in and I turned around, crawled out of the driver side window and began to run.  I only made it a few feet when I realized that my leg hurt (it ended up being a bad bruise the size of a football on my thigh).  I decided to collect my thoughts and feel myself for any serious injuries.  In doing this, I discovered a horrible gash on my arm.  I thought about running to my parents house about 2 miles away, but knew I couldn't make it, so I began to frantically look around for anyone in the middle of the country to help me.  I knew I was in trouble if no one was there; it was the time before cell phones, so I was helpless.  Low and behold I happened to wreck right in front of someones house, as I saw a home behind the trees.  The man inside helped me and I went to the hospital and received stiches.  Some amazing things are that my face was untouched, the only injury I had was my arm, but the most amazing is what I saw when I walked to the mans house for help and looked back at the car.  It was crushed so much to the point that a baby couldn't even have crawled out of the window that I effortlessly made it out of.
The second wreck was very recent, just two months ago.  I now have two children, ages 5 and 3.  I was taking them to the dentist in another town about 15 minutes away.  I was on the highway going about 60 mph in my little Chevy Malibu, again I was not wearing my seatbelt (bad I know, but I wear it now).  My kids were in the backseat in their booster seats buckled safely, though.  Suddenly a car that I thought was going to stop pulled out to cross the highway from a side road right in front of me.  I t-boned him nearly head on.  Just before we hit, I remember opening my mouth to scream, thinking about the kids in the back seat, and I suddenly felt that I needed to go left, so I obeyed again and swerved slightly in that direction.  Then just like the accident before, everything went peacefully dark, and I opened my eyes after what seemed like just seconds to find my face lying on a deflating airbag.  I instantly turned around to see the kids.  They were crying, and scared, but not hurt.  I started to get out of the car, but the door kept flying back in my face.  The car had buckled so severly that I couldn't open the door all the way.  Finally I calmed down, slid out the door, opened the back door and got the kids out.  The car smelled horrible after the wreck, I just wanted to get them away from the fumes.  The driver of the other car was already starting to run toward us, to see if we were ok.  I've tried to put the pieces together as to what happened, and after thinking about it, I've decided that when I hit the other car I flew up and would have flown out the windshield.  Instead I hit the rearview mirrow (which would explain the cut on my head), but then the airbag came out as I was up in the air (explaining why I had no airbag burns on my face), and pushed my back down in the seat.  I know that God was acting through the airbag, and that was his hand that pushed me back down into the seat.  Later I was informed that by swerving to the left, my car hit just in font of the driver side door of the other car in the front wheel area.  Had I not swerved, I would have hit him in the door directly, probably killing him.  It is so amazing to think that no ambulances needed to be called, and we all walked away without any serious injuries.
So where does my Grandma come in?  About a year ago I was driving down the highway bypass around my town heading home when my then 4 year old in the back seat suddenly said, "hi Grandma".  I asked him who he was talking to, and he said, "Grandma".  I responded, "honey, Grandma's at home", thinking he was talking about my other Grandma who's still living, and I knew he wasn't talking about my mother because she doesn't go by Grandma.  He said, "no mommy, Grandma, right there" (with a little more frustration in his voice).  So I glanced over my sholder quickly at him and he was pointing at the empty passenger seat as he said it.  My Grandma died before I was born, but I'm so lucky that I have her as my own personal angel in the passenger seat. 

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