The Stranger
By: Anonymous

Last year around October I was cooking something in the kitchen and I  left my two year old son watching cartoons on the couch. I have to  older daughter the smallest was taking a bath and the oldest was  leaving for work. When she left she didn't lock the door and my son  went running after her. Since he made no noise I didn't notice and  kept cooking. I should have noticed since we live right in front of a  street next to a lake. A few minutes later I hear a woman outside, I  go and look at the window a strange woman was comforting my child on  the other side of the street. I go bursting out of my house barefoot  and in my pjs looking super crazy. When I reach the lady she told me my son was crossing the street heading towarda the lake and that she had seen him spend 20 min walking around on the street. i thanked the woman hundreads of times before she had to go. I still had things cooking so I decided to go too when I turned around to give her one last thanks she wasn't there. I have lived in the same house for six months now and have never seen that woman again.


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