My Angel Story

I've always wanted to see an angel, but at the same time, I'm terrified to see one, and I don't know why!! It's crazy, but at least I've felt them,.......well, here's my story.
 I was a kid of seven or eight, and my family and I were riding our car, and it was raining outside. We were driving, and all of a sudden, we were stuck on mud. We tried for almost half an hour to ride the car, and floor it, we got more stuck.  The wheel was almost half buried.  We began to get desperate, and suddenly there was this average guy with a huge, huge, truck, he said, "You need help?"  We said,  "Yes, please."   He pushed his truck on the back of our car, and as hard as we got stuck, easily we were out!!!! My dad turned to thank him, but he wasn't there at all, and it was almost immediately he helped us, and the there was mud, how could he driven away so fast in the rain, without us hearing the engine?.....Now I'm 20, and I'm starting to remember that incident, now I'm remembering that I saw that truck for the last time and I saw that it vanished while driving away, quietly!!!! I'm trying to remember very hard.

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