Yellow Butterfly

My grandmother and I were very close towards the end of her life.  She loved my husband, at that time he was my boyfriend.  While planning for our wedding, my grandmother grew ill.  On her death bed, she told my husband to promise to bring God into my life.  He promised her that he would.  That promise he has fulfilled.  On the day of our wedding, a yellow butterfly was seen during the whole ceremony (which was held in my parents' back yard).  During important parts of the ceremony, the butterfly would land on my butt. We thought it was pretty funny. Nothing could keep it from going right back.  After the wedding, we greeted our guests and kept seeing that butterfly around us.  We all made jokes about it.  Then during the pictures, that butterfly landed on my husband's shoulder.  We have a picture of him smiling with a bright yellow butterfly beautifully positioned on his shoulder.  We never thought too much of it.

We have been married almost seven years now.  It seems that everytime I cry out for God to help me through a little crisis or even a big one, I can look up and see a bright beautiful yellow butterfly. I have seen it more than 100 times during my marriage.  I cannot remember seeing one around me at all till my wedding.

I am not sure if its God telling me things are going to be okay, or my grandmother with God's help showing me that everything will be okay.

Who really knows.  All I know is I love that yellow butterfly.  To me it means "Everythings going to be alright."

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