Karen Ann
By: Linda@Pulmonary.Winthrop.Org
My 9 year old niece/Godchild Karen Ann was a beautiful little girl.  She was bright, articulate, fun loving and had many friends.  Karen told her parents she had a special friend who used to sit in her tree outside her bedroom window.  My sister in law thought nothing of this because she knew her daughter well and was not concerned about her well being.  A few weeks went by and Karen shared with her friends that this friend, in the tree, was her guardian angel.  Karen told her friends stories that her guardian angel would tell to her.  Karen was getting ready for her dance recital and the
Sunday before her recital she came down to her kitchen and told her mother that her guardian angel told her she was going to die and that she should tell her mother and friends goodbye.  With this my sister in law became very upset and told Karen she was too young to die and that she shouldn't think of such unpleasant things and not to worry about dying.  Karen told her mother that if and when she died she wanted a pink heartshaped tombstone for her grave and made her mother promise her she would do this.  The following day Karen, her sister Jessica and her mother and father left for Karen's dance recital but Karen never made it to her recital.  As they were riding
along in the car, Karen and her sister were seatbelted in the back seat playing with their dolls when a truck, coming in the opposite direction, kicked up a rock which went through the front windshield of the car and over the driver's left hand side of the seat and hit Karen in the head and killed her.  My sister in law, a nurse, was unable to revive her and Karen was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.  My sister in law was
devastated but she knew she had to fulfill her promise.  She called many places until she found the one and only pink, heart shaped tombstone in the area.  Later on Karen's friends came forward one by one to relay stories to us of the conversations Karen said she had with her angel.  We believe Karen's angel was there to guide her to God.  Karen visited her namesake Aunt Karen in a dream a few months later and told her that she was in a very beautiful place and was very happy and that her Aunt Karen should tell her mother that she was okay.  As I said, Karen was a very special child.

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