My Guardian Angel

I was 8 months pregnant married and asleep, when at midnight a loud pounding on our front door.  My husband proceeded to answer the door and it was my brother-in-law (his brother) who came barging in saying, "OMG, Cyndi's mom's house is on fire and they think her brother is trapped in it!"
I flew out of bed, the best I could, considering I was XTRA XTRA huge from pregnancy! My husband comes in to the bedroom and says, "Stay here, I will go see what's going on!"....I said, "NO! What about my brother? I have to go"....he said, "NO, STAY HERE >...I will come back to get you!"  (You have to know my brother is only 11 months older than I and was born blind. I knew my mom worked third shift and would not have been home....but my 20 year old brother, blind, would have been home as it was midnight)
I struggled out of bed....and all I had on was a slip as it was extremely hot and we did not have air-conditioning.  As my husband exited the bedroom and around the corner, I was about 5 feet behind him.  As I got around the corner and at the top step, I sat on the top step to take a deep breath. When I looked up...a woman was standing there.
She was all dressed in burgundy, a suit.  An older woman with reddish colored hair. (sort of burgundy also, lol)
She says, "Its ok honey, I will take you. Everything is fine."
She then said..."Come on, I will help you dress and we will go down."
(In my mind I was thinking, "who is this woman?" she must have come with my brother-in-law...or followed him to our home? But it didn't matter to me as she was going to help me and take me there.)
This woman walks into our bedroom and proceeds to go to the CHEST OF DRAWERS and remove a maternity top and shorts for me, as well as socks.  I hurriedly got dressed and followed her down the steps and out the door to her car.  She obviously had money as she had a beautiful huge cadillac with burgundy, rust interior. Very plush.
She drove down the main road towards my mom's home. (only 3 miles away)...there were tons of firetrucks, ambulances, etc.
I was crying and said..."My brother is blind"...she said, "Don't worry honey, your brother is safe. You will see for yourself."
Shortly, she pulled over into the parking lot across from my mom's was a hardware shop.  I got out of her car and "ran" across the street and my husband and his brother were standing right there in front of the house.
My husband looked up and said...."How did you get here?"  I said, "The lady that came with Michael" (my brother-in-law) and Michael said, "Huh? Nobody came with me."
I turned to point to the woman and her car.  It was gone.  Completely gone.  The entire street was roadblocked as my mom's house was on property that shared the gas station and it was feared for an explosion....the woman and her car were nowhere in site. No possible way that woman could have driven her car in and around the barricades that were set up and certainly no possible way for that woman to have exited that quickly either.  That woman was my guardian angel.
Upon thinking, that woman would have had to pass my husband as he was exiting our house as she was coming in.  He did not see any woman there.
Neither my husband, nor my brother-in-law, said that any other car was in our driveway.  (Her car was in our driveway as she guided me to it.)
I remembered her going to my chest of drawers to help me dress.  How did this woman knew that my clothes were kept in the tall chest of drawers instead of the long dresser with mirrors? (most women take the long dresser with mirrors and the men use the chest of drawers. But because my husband wore uniforms to work...he needed more space so he would have the long dresser and drawers and I took the short 4 drawer chest of drawers for mine.)
Burgundy.  The color burgundy. Everything was burgundy.  The woman's hair, her shoes, her purse, her suit, her car.  Why didn't that click? Burgundy and pink were the colors of my wedding only 9 months earlier.  Burgundy and maroon are my favorite colors.  That woman was my guardian angel.
As for my brother? Well, he was not in the house fire. My mom lost everything. Her home, which contained all of my childhood relics and memories, burned completely to the ground. It was a vicious electrical fire that spread through the wiring and walls rapidly.  Little did we know that after my mom would leave for her third shift work, he would also leave the house and visit with his secret girlfriend....the young divorced woman next door.
The next morning, a picture appeared in our local newspaper.  A fireman was holding the completely charred remains of my mom's dresser drawer.  Lying in that drawer was all of my mom's photo albums and loose pictures. Not a single one received so much as a speck of smoke damage. Lying on top...was the Holy Bible.

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