My Angel Story

This is a real angel 
story(although I didn't actually see him/her). It was the year 2002 when I was 7 years old (nearly 16 now) and it was the 5th of November. Fireworks!!! :D I was so excited. (anyway) we went down to our nan and grandad house to have our little party, then would be the time to set the fireworks off... my dad and grandad set a few rockets of that made reasonably sized colourful explosions... (but because I was 7... It was epic :p)... Now, this is where it all happened. We were ready to set of the next pack of fireworks and we were going to let of the pumpers of first. (I know what your thinking... Weird name I get it, I honestly still don't know what there called but I can describe them), it's like a small box filled with 10-15 tubes of fireworks, when one goes of the tube next to it goes of and lights up In the sky but no explosion. Anyways we set a "pumper" off first and it was where everything happened. (I'm going to say this from my perspective since it's all I can do... I'm not trying to build tension or anything). I was standing on the patio near the door that led from the inside of the house to the back garden where we were at currently. My grandad and some of his friends one who was called Margaret (who died a few years after this incident "RIP" God Bless) were sitting on garden benches talking and waiting for the show to happen. My nan was inside the kitchen bringing some food and drinks out to us (although I'm not entirely sure... Hey I was 7 at the time). I didn't know where  my brother was at but I think he was standing on the other-side of the door to me and my dad was setting of the fireworks ahead of us on the lawn, I can't remember if there were any others members of the family there. My dad was just setting of the "pumper" firework of and they were beautiful. The 1st tube went of, then the second, then I noticed as the second one went off, the "pumper" twitched a little (I never knew if I was the only one who noticed the twitch from the box but I notice a lot of stuff from whom I received from my dad, since he notices what I notice sometimes). Then thats when the unbelievably bad feeling entered my gut just wanting to shout "run" I was terrified of the feeling then the third tube went off... About halfway when the firework was in the air the box tilted straight in front of us, a little to my right (about 2 inches if I was standing in front of it, bearing in mind I was about 10 meters away from it.) I was about to shout "run!" when the firework from the third tube finished, but before I had a chance to move, the fourth tube firework came out, I had no idea where it went since I covered my eyes with my arms when the firework had left the tube by a 1/4 but I remember not feeling anything except my big coat sleeves covering my face and because there was also some fur on my hood I think my hood was over my head (I can't remember) then I opened my eyes for a short period of time... Everywhere was White, it was kind of windy as if I was standing on top of a mountain but not that windy, and it was also sort of slow motion (sort of) the feeling I had before the firework had totally changed as well as if I was sort of at home. I was staring out and some of the fur was blocking my view so I couldn't see properly but I could feel everything. (and for some stupid reason I closed my eyes... I guess I was confused or something.) I heard this sort of whizzing noise that got louder and louder and then stopped, then I opened my eyes and was standing in the same position I was in before I closed them. Shaking. Scared. I Had that terrified feeling but not that bad gut feeling, which was good. I was also unharmed as well as the other family members, which was a relief. (maybe the reason I got confused and closed my eyes through that awkward feeling "express" was most likely because it all happened in 8 seconds in total from when the 4th firework came flying at us and me opening my eyes for the final time after that whizzing noise.) I never found out what happened to the fireworks nor did I find out what took place. I am a Christian (since I was 4-5). I do believe in God. I believe an angel protect me for that short period of time. I hoped you enjoyed my true story and that it was moving, powerful and a little amusing :) God bless.

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