Angel at the Hospital

One night me and my boyfriend was leaving the hospital....both of us were just new christians and he parked into payed parking without any money to get out.We did not know what we were going to do,we sat in the car trying to figure out a way we can sneak through the gate.Several of cars went through no one thought to ask if we needed money to get out,time passed and we saw a couple leaving the hospital i said to my boyfriend lets try to follow them out! As they were paying for their ticket to get out of the parking lot i guess they noticed we wanted to follow them out and they went through and stopped their car so we couldnt get out,we got upset. As more time went by we saw a man walking from out of nowhere and he did not say a word to us he put money in the machine and we got out! still not saying a word we looked up trying to thank him within seconds he was gone he vanished,no cars insight. A angel paid for us to leave the hospital parking lot.......


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