Uncle Jim, our Guardian Angel
By: Kishbee@aol.com

I had the great blessing to have a best friend named Jim.  In life, Jim was my rock and support through the toughest thing a mother can endure, caring for a sick child.  Jim had a special connection to my little girl, Maylynn who called him Uncle Jim. Uncle Jim was always there to hold her hand through doctors appointments or just to cross the street.

When Maylynn was 3, Jim was diagnosed with a brain tumor and fought a valiant battle for 7 months.  Through those seven months he never gave up and continued to play the role of Uncle Jim with Maylynn loving every minute of their time together.  In the end, he lost his battle. This is where this angel story begins.

When I spent the last few precious hours with Jim, Maylynn was not aware of what was going on.  The day he died I was in haze but I still had Maylynn and her sister to take care of.  At 5 PM, Kaydee called me into her room because she was sick. All of sudden I became aware that Maylynn was missing.  I searched everywhere, the house, the property..when all of sudden the hair on my neck went up and I went to the end of my long driveway that led to a very busy highway. There I saw Maylynn in the arms of a woman and a police officer.  I ran across the road and the police officer started reading me the riot act ..how did she get out..(to this day I dont know..since the house was locked like fort knox)..He then told me that they had several reports from people stating that she was walking down the street in the middle of road.  This woman stopped and got her to the side of the road.

I then asked the famous question that all mothers ask their children.."Why did you do this"?..She answered..."Mommy its ok...Uncle Jim holded my hand"..I almost passed out.  The police officer, asked who Uncle Jim was..and I told him..  The police officer stopped dead in his tracks and said we are planning his funeral (Jim had been an active member of the fire company).  I said I know..and Maylynn doesn't know he's died.  The woman who stopped and got her said...she was walking with her arm outstretched as if she was holding someone's hand.

The event which could have been the second tragedy in my life that day became the greatest blessing I've ever known. Her encounter created a sense of peace with all of us that were grieving..we knew he was ok.  Now throughout all of Maylynn's medical crisis we know her angel, Uncle Jim is with her always...he's holding her hand.

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