The Angels

A couple of years ago Me and My parents and I was coming home frkm shoppong. We decided to tke the long way home to skip the highways and take the back roads. So as we were coming home.We heard a big pop and dad got out of the car and saw we had a flat. I we out in the miiddle of nowhere no one to be seen or heard. We  where from the nearest home or stores. WE had no extra tire and it was pitch black outside. So I got down on my knees parying God please get us home, please let us get a tire and be able to come home please, a few mintues later out of nowhere 2 young men came out nowhere and stopped and asked if we needed help, they where very kind and gentel almost non human like they had this glow about them.They had helped us when we needed the help the most they had a extra tire the exact size we needed and the put the tire on like they have done it a million times. We told them thank you, and asked if there was anything we could do for them they said no we yall in trouble and there is no need to thank them, they gave my dad a pat on the back and gave me and mom  a hug and said Godbless you, God is with you and they let and disappered into thin air we looked everywhere for them. I don;t know what happened that night but I believe those men was angels and they where watching oiver us that night. All i can say its a miracle.


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