The Beach

Several years ago, while I was pregnant with my son, I went to the beach with my mother, grandmother, and grandfather. We had left very early in the morning to collect seashells. I was going through a very hard time in my life. My husband was cheating on me, I was struggeling financially, and my family did not know of my pregnancy, which is a story in itself. Anyhow, I remember kneeling down touching the water with my hands and feeling at such peace. I have always loved the ocean. I began to pray to God, and asked for his help in all that I was going through. I began to cry while I prayed because I felt very alone at the time, and quickly dried my tears so that my family would not see that I was crying. When I was done praying, I stood up and there was this older lady standing directly in front of me. She handed me a shell. I told her that it was very pretty and handed it back to her. She insisted that I take the shell. When I asked her if she was wanting me to have it, I then realized she could not speak English. I took the shell and thanked her. She then smiled at me with a pleased look on her face. I then turned around and my grandmother was standing close by. I showed her the shell, and when I turned back to point to the lady......... she had disappeared out of nowhere. Now, this is also really weird.......... the only people on the beach during that early morning were me, my grandmother, mother, grandfather, and another couple. My grandmother and I were the only ones to see this lady. My grandma and me looked around for this lady and at that moment we both realized we had just witnessed seeing an angel. My mother and grandfather had not seen this woman when we asked them about it. After that incident, things got alot worse before they got better, and they did indeed get better. I feel the angel was letting me know that I would not be alone in this journey.
I am again going through a hard time, and need protection over my son. I know God and his angels will be here for me and never leave my side.
This is very true and it did happen.

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