My Guardian Angel

It all started  September 1st 2010 it was a friday afternoon. my daughter had an incident playing and hurt her hand.I was working that day and my husband was taking care of her. My husband put hidrogen peroxide and a band aid on her hand.The next day my sister in law was taking care of her while I was at work.The problem was that her hand got swollen and my sister in law didn't call me to let me know.She has a bad relationship with my husband so she hates him and decided to call the police.When the police arrived she told them that my husband had hurt my daughter, so more police came and also an ambulence.The thing is that now I had a social worker investigating and I was not allowed to have my daughter until the investigation was over and decide what to do.I was going crazy, that night I didn't go to sleep thinking what to do to have my daughter back.I couldn't stop crying and I was also pregnant I was 3 months of pregnancy.Next day I hired a lawyer,well he said the investigation process takes a while maybe months.The social worker visit to interrogate all the family, we explained what had happened and when we finished she said she was going to see my sister in law and listen to her part of the story and she was going to let me know what was going to happen next.I prayed,lighted up candles to Jesus,Virgen Mary,and My Guardian Angel.September 25th 2010  I was waiting for the social worker to call and know what was going on but she didnt.It was September 30th I called her again and she finally answered,she said based on the interrogation I could meanwhile have my daughter back while she finishes the case and lets me know if she can stay with me.The social worker came to visit like 2 more times to check if everything was ok.On October 2nd that night while I was sleeping I heard a strong male voice beside me on my left side ear telling me I was going through difficult time with my daugther ,I could hear him clearly yet my eyes were still closed I felt worried I though I was dreaming.I tried to open my eyes and turn to see my daughter on my right side sleeping.And he continued saying do not worry everythings going to be ok,I felt peace and noded my head ok and went to sleep calmly.Three days later I called the social worker and she informed me that the case was closed and my daughter can stay with me,I got so excited and rememberd the voice three days earlier.After that another night, before I went to bed I prayed and gave thanks to God for helping me and having my guardian Angel, in seconds I felt my body vibrate and I could see someone standing next to me in white color when I turned to see who it was,he dissapeared in a second.That night when I went to sleep I dreamed that I was standing and I was looking at a cloud, wishing to see my Guardin Angel and suddenly he was there in the cloud I could see him from hes waist up to hes face and I knew It was him.Then he dissapeared .Next day my husband told me he had a message for me from my Guardian Angel,saying that when my son is born things will start getting better with my family happiness was coming my way and that my son's name will be Gael like him.I was so happy  I had asked for hes name before all of this happened and my husband he has easily contact with angels he says its a process first you need to do is believe.So since then things have been great and my son name is Gael like my Archangel Gael.Since then I havent seen him but I know hes here and soon I will see him again.


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