Swimming With an Angel
By: johnpgaluminium@gmail.com


Our pastors family went on a well deserved holiday down at the coast. Grownups were sitting on the beach and the kids were playing in the waves. The eldest girl(teenager) went in deeper than the rest and was swimming just behind the breakers. The tide grabed her and within minutes she was draged out into very deep waters. People on the beach saw what happened,and started shouting for the lifeguards. All went well and 35 minutes later she was draged out onto the beach. This is where her story starts..according to the girl,when the current got hold of her,she could feel how she was dragged deeper and saw how the people on the beach are getting smaller. While she tryed to swim back and fight the tide,a man appeared next to her and told her all she is doing is to tiring herself out. He told her calm herself down and not to fight the tide. He looked like a young man but he had a full white beard and long hair. After she calmed down, he told her he can't help her but he will stay with her till they come to get her. When she was lying on the beach,she said she asked for the blond man to thank him. The lifeguards that brought her in said, she was the only person out there. Praise the lord!!!


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