One day my wife’s stepbrother had stayed a-night with us (Roger) He was only around 3 or 4 at the time. Roger really like to come visit and play with are younger son who was like a few years alder then Roger.

They had stayed up late playing in my son’s room so I had gone on to bed and some time in the middle of the night  I remember my wife laying in bed and seeing Roger lying on the bed as well. So I fail back to sleep. And sometime latter I it felt like someone had pushed me out of bed …. I remember saying “why did I just wake up like this” I mean I was wide awake! As soon as I said that I heard a voice that said “LOOK FOR ROGER….LOOK FOR ROGER” so I jumped out of bed and walk to my son’s room NO Roger. I looked in my room again to see if I just over looked him…but NO Roger.

At this time I woke up my wife and said “Where is Roger” so she started to look in the bathroom and relooked in my son’s room.

I walked to the living room to find the front door wide open I  turn to ask my wife if she had lift the door open when she went to bed, She said no and she walked outside to see if she could see Roger but she didn’t. So she came back in and continued to look for Roger in the Apartment. So I had then decided to look outside myself and see if I could find him.

As I walked out I looked to my right and didn’t see him so I looked to my lift and seen him walking down the side walk and was about to turn the corner. I yelled at my wife and said “THERE HE IS…..THERE HE IS!”  My wife ran after him and brought him home. I Guess he was sleep walking, I don’t really know why he walk out of the apartment that day.

After this experience I think it has made me a more spiritual person. But I always ask myself way did this wake me up and not my wife? She was lying next to me.

I truly believe it was a guarding angel.

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