Praying With an Angel

My Dad had been feeling bad for quite some time and all the doctors were treating him for allergies.  He went to another doctor and the doctor told him that his heart was five times normal size, and he had to go to St. Luke's hospital right away.  When he got there, the doctors tested him and prepared him for surgery.  After the surgery the doctor said that he had the worst aortic valve that he had ever seen and he was surprised that he had even made it to the hospital!  He was in recovery and every so often a pastor would come in to pray with him.  One night a pastor that worked in St. Luke's came in and asked if he could pray for my Dad, and my Dad said that it was fine.  Weeks later my Dad fully recovered and was leaving the hospital.  He had asked the front desk if he could thank the pastor that came to pray for him.  When he asked the woman at the front desk, she searched for his name on their computer and said that there was no man with that name on their staff OR checked in to the hospital.  We know that an angel came to pray with my Dad that night and had saved him.  I thank God every time I see him.  His guardian angel was with him the whole time. I love my Dad and I am so thankful he is still here with me today.  Thank you God, for giving my Dad the chance to live.

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