My Visitor in 1975

Below is a diary entry I made a decade after I had an experience I'll never forget, that has helped me and changed my life permanently:

In 1975, as a 16-year-old boy, I had an experience that changed my life, the way I perceived it, and still affects me to this day.  I don't ask that anyone believe it, but I feel I need to share it. Some may even think it's only a dream, but I know better...

I had built a bedroom in our attic, with my father's permission.  Although, it resembled something more like a tree house inside, it was mine, and I loved it.  Our family owned a large farm and dairy in an isolated valley, near the Idaho/Utah boarder, called Curlew valley. Our family had its irregular relationships, and dysfunctional moments, but for the most part, we were very close and worked very hard together.

In this bedroom, I had gone to bed on an autumn night, as I usually did.  While in a deep sleep, I heard someone call my name, I tried to ignore it, then again, and I started to become more alert.  The third time I heard my name, "Jody! I sat up, because it almost sounded as though it had been a shout.  I did not expect to see and experience what was before my eyes, when I sat up.  I saw a young man, who looked very familiar, brown wavy hair, green eyes, and a deep emanating light coming from within him, that made his being shine, and the light that surrounded him, lit my room.  It didn't frighten me.  He stood as though on solid ground, but was not touching the floor.  He was dressed in white, a robe-like garment.  I looked back behind me, while sitting up, and saw that I had sat up out of my body, which was still lying in the bed.

The visitor held out his hand, and beckoned me to take his, and come with him, because he had something he needed to share with me.  He communicated by thought; there was no movement of his mouth when he conversed with me.  I felt what he said in my heart, but yet sounded like vocal communication, and the way one would normally perceive it.  Although it had more depth, and you could feel the emotion and or urgency of the message, as he felt it.

So, I took his hand, and in an instant, we would travel by thought, appearing above and to the side of each of my family member's beds.  He spoke of events and situations that had occurred in the past, and what was happening now, and where it all would lead in the future.  This, for each member, both parent and sibling, and how they fit into the picture.  Then he showed me where, when and how I was to intervene.

The things he told me, I still carry with me, but only come to me, when the time and situation is perfect.  He told me this is the way it would be, because all that he shared would overwhelm me, if I were to remember all of it at once.

Before my visitor left me, we appeared back in my attic bedroom.  He took both my hands, looked me in the eyes, with a piercing brilliance of pure love and energy, and said, "It's up to you now, Jody.  You must keep this family together, Love them, teach them what I tell you, when the time is right."  Then he embraced me, and we both wept.  Then he released me, and I laid back into my body.  I jumped from my bed, and knelt down beside it and cried, "God, why me?  Why did this happen to me?  Why is this my responsibility?"  Then a calming peace came over me, and I felt everything would be all right.  But the love and pureness of the light which for a time, I had been in, still overwhelmed me, and I cried myself to sleep.
Since then, many things have happened, and I somehow know exactly what to do, and how, and what to say.  And I know where it's coming from.  Like I said, many would scoff, and it doesn't matter to me, I know what happened, and I cannot deny it.  It has made being mortal somewhat frustrating, because of the limitations we have, and how most conceive life and how to live it.  I have been shown, and I know the difference.  In a way, for a long time, I felt I had been robbed of my free agency to choose.  But time is proving me wrong.  I am glad for my experience, and will always be thankful that someone cared enough to warn and help my family.

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