Angel in the Night!

I have had a few incidents through out the last couple of years where I have truely believed that angels watch over us & guide us, the most resent it was about 5am & Me an my partner were sleeping,  my partner woke & with that I woke he was lay there still & frightend, "what's the matter are you ok" I asked him, he told Me he dreamt we were being burguled & that he did want to move because he had believed someone may still be in the house, with that I surgested we got up, my partner has experienced assaults threw burgulery many times but living in a quiet nice area these days we have never been worried or had feelings of fear, as we got up he went into our daughters bedroom at the front of the home to look out the window, & said the light on the alarm box is flashing blue, my words were it can't be it would be sounding the alarm & niether of us have ever set the alarm when we come to bed, with that we went down stairs as we opened the kitchen door the alarm started to bleep as it would when you have set it & need to switch it off again, so we turned it off! Combined with my partners dream I believe this was a heavenly warning to protect our home while we sleep & to not be so careless! We will set the alarm every night now for sure!

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