Unseen Hands
By: jeffrey2300@gmail.com

Hi, my name is Geoffrey and this took place in 1984. I had left my job as a volunteer worker in Orange County California and was heading to Great Falls, Montanna where I had been told a job was waiting for me. I had no money so I decided to hitch hike. 

I eventually found myself on a highway where there was not much traffic and I was worried.  I was praying all the day while walking, praying that someone would give me a ride.  As the day was nearing its close, I became even more worried.  I could not see any gas stations nor houses, and it was getting cold. I recall that the highway was on a plain, with mostly brush on each side, but it was elevated above the plain, so I ambled off a few feet and got on my knees, and prayed asking God to please help me, and impress someone to give me a ride, and to not let me die of hypothermia.  (That night some snow flurries did occur!)
   While praying I could hear a car, and I attempted to arise from my feet. Now this may be difficult to believe, but to this day, I remember clearly feeling like two hands on my shoulder, preventing me from standing.  This puzzled me, knowing that I had not heard a car for some time I said aloud, "God, please help me, this may be my last opportunity to find a ride. Again an attempt was made to stand and again, I felt gentle but firm as though two hands were on my shoulders and I could not stand. 

Now if this was not amazing enough, I could hear the car pulling over, its wheels crunching in the gravel as it was pulling off of the paved part of the highway.  On my third attempt to stand I could do so easily, and the man got out of his car.  As I stood up, I thought, "He must have seen the top of my head and pulled over", for he had pulled over right at the spot where I had been praying.  I said in a loud voice, "Thankyou!"  The man was obviously startled, and said, "Thanks for what?"  (He apparently had pulled over to obey the call of nature.)

I said,"Thanks for pulling over to give me a ride" to which he replied, "I don't give people ride, I never have and I never will."  So I sadly walked down the road, but as I walked I then heard him shout. "But I will give you a ride."

I told him, "You know, it was no accident that you pulled over where you did, as I was praying for a ride."  I then explained to him how I had attempted twice to stand as his car was approaching but had been able. Then he told me, that had I stood up, he would never had pulled over there but would have continued down the highway. Then the thought occurred to me that truly a miracle had occurred, and that my prayer was answered in a wonderful manner.

I eventually made it to Montanna, the job was  not there as I had expected, but a kind lady from Germany named Franciska took me in that night out of the cold, letting me stay in a little trailer she had in her back yard, but I will never forget that day, when I believe that unseen hands prevented me from arising from prayer, and impressed a stranger to pull over exactly where I was praying for a ride. 


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