My Nana and I we were extremely close.  When I was born, she spent 6 months with my Mom to help her with me, her first born.  She would come over everyday after work and watch me and my siblings. I was 5, my brother was 3 and my sister was a couple months old. She would help my Mom with dinner, while my Dad was at work, clean the house, do laundry, etc. She was the best!  

When I was 6, she passed away. It was really hard.  I was young, but I certainly knew what was going on as my siblings and my cousins didn't understand.  The one person who was a wreck was my Mom.  She was the youngest of my Nana's children and  they had a very close relationship. 

A couple weeks past and my family was still in distraught. I went to sleep one night and my dream was a miracle!

In my dream my family was hosting a party of some sort (I never really knew why). So many people were there! Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Cousins, Friends, etc. We were having such a great time, when the phone rang, I screamed to my Mom and told her to pick up but she didn't hear me. No one heard the phone ring.  I picked up and answered, "Hello?"

The voice on the phone said, "Hi Madison, its Nana!"

Since it was a dream, I didn't get too excited. I just acted like it was normal phone call and not a miracle call which it was!

"Hi Nana, how are you? Hows heaven?"

"I'm great!", she answered, "Heaven is a lot of fun.  God is amazing. How are you? I can see your having a party! Are you having fun?!"

"I am! It's been fun! So many people are here!"

"I know! I see! Hey Madison, can you do me a favor?", she asked.

Yes, what is it?, I replied.

She answered, Can you tell your Mom that Im okay and I got to heaven safely? She has been a wreck as I can see and shes been praying a lot. Tell her Im perfectly fine and happy in Heaven and Ill see her when she comes up here.

I told her I would, said good-bye and that I loved her, and hung up the phone. 

That morning, I ran into my Moms room, bounced on her bed and said, Mom! Mom! Nana wants me to tell you that shes perfectly fine and happy and for you not to worry! Shes safe with God.

She was so confused! She had no idea where I was getting this all from. I told her my dream and to this very day, it has been my favorite dream yet! 

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