Well was I was 5yrs old I was hit by a car flew 40feet into the air and was in bad shape,every since this accident happened I can see oras ,spirits and hear voices it's crazy but all true maybe because i almost died ,well sometimes I see little white balls fly by me but one night I saw a whiteball appear to me while my daughter was watching Barney after midnight and are bedroom light was on, but it was so small and had little wings in it Iv'e never felt such peace at that moment,then some scary things would happen doors flying open also voices now sometimes I don't think it was angels but the angels protcted us from what it was,I know angels are there my daughters see them and talk to them .12yrs ago my son was sitting down coloring with me this is shortly after my grandmother passed on and he stopped coloring and focused on the chair in the corner and I said honey do you see something ,and I couldn't see at the time but could feel a presence but he said there was an angel well his words were mom theres a  lady sitting on the end of the chair with long white hair and wings she is smiling at me ,so then I asked is she looking at me and he said no she 's gone was my grams again shes with us always.

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