My Angel Story

I would like to shaere with you something that happened to me 3yrs ago as the 19th of this month febuary, I was pregnant with my daughter Julie My husband and I named her after his sister who passed away at 2yrs old from a operation internal bleeding was the cause of her death,I was having bad swelling of my whole body and high blood pressure private nurse coming to my house everyday being admitted to the hosptal everyother day then when blood pressure went down would be released this was through my whole pregnancy, well the doctors had to give me an emergency c-section because there was something wrong with the placenta,but I would pray to God that I would be ok I was very sick from all the problems I was having so one night I was going to the bathroom now just invision this ok I would feel someone always sit on my bed next to me, but this night shortly before I went to the hospital transported by ambulance and c-section performed I was going to the bathrom with my door open it was after midnight and I saw a lady walk out of my bedroom and she was in jeans and a white shirt, had hair shoulder length and had no face but it was only her side profile I saw, when pregnant you have another soul inside you so I beleive this was my soul mate and I think it was my husbands sister Julie that I prayed was with my as my spirit guide, my daughter julie talks to someone and the other day I was playing pattycake with her and she would only use one of her hands with me because someone was playing pattycake to with her using her other hand intresting but cool.

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