My Mom's Angel
My mom use to drop my older brother and sister off at my grandma's house and let my grandma take care of them while mama went to work. When she got off work she would go pick my brother and sister up and take them home. One night when she was going to pick up my brother and sister, a few girls ran a stop sign and crashed into my mama. The girls were okay, but not able to call 911. Mama was choking on her blood and about to die when a lady dressed in a nurse's uniform pulled up and poked mama with a pencil earser so she wouldn't choke. The lady then called 911 and left. The paramedics took mama and she was in critical condition. Finially she got out of the hospitial and the doctors told her if the lady wouldn't have been there mama would have died and I wouldn't have been born. To this day we still have no clue who saved my mom on that dreadful day.

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