Angel's Wings

Twelve years ago I experienced what I thought was nothing at the time. Eight years later I experienced it again and understood it was no coincidence. In 1998 I was driving to work on a rainy day when I became distracted. When I regained my focus I realized I was too close to stopped traffic in front of me. I slammed on the brakes, fishtailed and struck the right rear of the car directly in front of me.This caused my car to spin and strike two more cars in the center and far right lanes. My car continued to careen onto the side of the road, missing a road sign and eventually striking a tree right behind my driver door. I walked out without scratch although my car and the two others were destroyed. During the entire episode a warm safe feeling enveloped me. I gained a sense of calm and it felt like someone was telling me it was okay and nothing would harm me. I vividly remember the chaotic sequence of the accident but never did I feel fear. Afterwards I though maybe this was a reaction of the brain to the extreme stress of the situation. I didn't think much about it until 8 years later.


 I needed to fix the covering on my furnace pipe located on the roof. Again it was a rainy day, this time it was New Year's eve. I needed to fix the pipe because I was concerned water would drip down into the furnace. As I put my ladder against the side of the house I was concerned I would slip and fall once I was on the roof. I didn't get the chance to get on the roof. The ladder slid out from beneath me as I stepped on the last rung before the roof.  As I fell to the ground, the same warm feeling came over me again. However this time I felt what was like two hands grabbing my shoulders. I landed straight on my feet perfectly as I had been gently lowered down. I did sustain a deep gash to my hand from the gutter but it could have been worse. I no longer think the warm feeling and safe outcome were coincidences or reactions to stressful situations. I thank everyday I'm alive and try to make the world a better place with my actions.


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