Joy Brought by an Angel to the Clinic
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This is train of remarkable coincidences that I look upon as miracles. In my area there were no jobs available, I needed one desperately, willing to work for even room and board. I applied for one in another state, a place called "Living Springs" in Putnam Valley, N.Y. (The president was Bill Dull, as everyone else, a volunteer. The vice president Mark Scalzi, 1982) I was accepted and would work as a full time volunteer with room and board provided. Only problem. I had no way of getting there for the date that I was to start. (The place treated the sick, even if they had no money, but sadly Living Springs eventually closed due to lack of funding, and because the state refused to recognize that they were a nonprofit organization, with even the Doctors and nurses all volunteering with out pay for the poor.)

I thought, how am I going to get there. I was too embarrassed to bring my need to my friends. I did tell a local church of my predicament, and a member told me that her husband visits her friends in New York once a year, and he said he would let me ride with them, but that he could not go out of his way. I asked where his friends were. She said, "In Putnam Valley." I told her that this was a miracle, for this is where my future job was. I then asked when he was leaving, and to my even greater astonishment they would be arriving in Putnam Valley on the exact day I was due at "Living Springs!" I thought, "How amazing, I must be meant to go there."

While there I worked very hard at landscaping and maintenance and whatever they needed, and though for three months I saw not a dime, the reward of helping others and seeing the good that was done for others gave me great joy and taught me valuable lessons, and learning practical skills in wiring, construction and helping the guests when asked.

One day, I met a lady there who appeared to be Hispanic, beautiful but in chronic, terrible, terrible pain, that my tongue will only fail to describe. During this time I always witnessed her crying out in pain. We would have to push her in her wheel chair, witnessing her non-ceasing agony that only stopped when she fell off into merciful sleep. One time I was asked to drop off some towels for the volunteer nurse (Chris Clark) who had this guest placed in a large hydrotherapy tub. I could not knock on the door until I could get myself to stop crying for her, for one of the rules was that we were not to cry in front of the guests.(patients) I was beginning to feel there was no hope, and discouragment filled me, thinking that nothing could be done.

One day while working on moving some rocks around the flower bed I was asked to attend the staff meeting at the bottom floor in the clinic building. I thought, "Wow, they have never invited me to a staff meeting" and "nice to get a break from this hard work" as I was perspiring and felt the need of a break from the physical labor.

I sat down, and then, to the most astonishing sight my eyes have ever seen, in walked this beautiful woman, smiling, no longer crying, able to walk on her own to feet with out the need of any support. I was about to hear the most amazing story I ever heard come out of a persons mouth.

She said that when the hydrotherapist Chris Clark came in, one of the first things she did was to get down, and before her, prayed...(I think she prayed silently) While this was happening, she said she saw a light by the door way (she used her hand in a circular motion as she described it..) And that a person came in. She tried as hard as she could to say "Chris, donít you see him?! Donít you see him Chris!?) ( May I also say this was not a delusional woman, and for the most part, the physicians tried to use natural forms of non-allopathic forms of treatment, so being over medicated is not likely to be the reason of her seeing this.)

She then told us that she gave up trying, that this must be meant for only her eyes to see. You see, there was nothing wrong with her vocal cords, this was not part of her physical affliction. She then said, that this person guided Chrisís hands and told Chris to turn up the temperature to a precise temp. Chris then interupted, and said excitedly, "I felt impressed to turn it up to what the Doctor had recommended, and did so, though it was I was not planning on doing that as all the other times your pain would not tolerate that rise in temperature and would scream in pain." With that said, Chris flushed in apparent embarrassment and was silent.

We all could not believe our eyes. This woman was now free from this physical torment and there seemed to be no medical explanation.

Later I saw her laying out in the sun, as this was recommended as it would reduce the cyclic-amp. (Cyclic-adenosine monophosphate can reduce the efficiency of the immune system) and can help, when used moderately as recommended by a physician, help balance the estrogen ( see Dr. Zames Kimes, Loma Linda Medical University and "Sunlight May Save Your Life) I remembered that she sometimes referred to this person as an angel. I thought, this may be my last chance to ask her if she really saw this, so I went over and said, "Excuse me please, but may I ask you a question?" She said, "yes." "Did you really see an angel??" I studied her face as she did not give me an answer but asked, "Why do you ask?" I answered, "I sometimes have doubts about angel stories and that they really exist." ( I really wanted to believe, in the past I had believed, but somehow I had become a pessimist.) She said, "Yes, I really saw an angel." (AS if her being miraculously relieved of her condition was not enough.) "What did it look like" I asked. I remember her telling me that there was a beautiful light around him, especially his clothes." She then told me how she had called her husband, and that he was crying on the phone as she talked. She told me that he then told her, "Honey, we need to start going to church again." She told me she had become an atheist through her years of pain, but that had all changed.

This is a true story and I learned from this that even after the Doctors have done all that they can to never give up on prayer, that even one of His angels may be sent in answer to prayer, though the naked eye may not see this.

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