An Angel to Watch Over Me

Twelve years ago I moved out here having been offered a teaching position. I had a small appartment and lived alone. One night I had a sudden feeling of dread as I was lying in bed. A dark figure approached and lied down on me. I could not breathe or move. I was horrified. This thing looked three dimensionnal but made of shadow. It was terrifying. I prayed very hard for it to go away. Suddenly something came and sat on my bed. I could not see a figure but could see the identation of where it was sitting and actually felt the bed move. All of a sudden this feeling of calm and serenity came over me. All I felt was love and that everything was going to be okay and I could sleep. I fell into a deep sleep and woke up the next morning still feeling like there was a presence of calm in the room. It took me almost a year to tell my boyfriend , now my husband about the incident. I thought he would think I was crazy. I know think it was an angel sent by God to protect me from this evil entity. I now know that prayers are answered.

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