My Baby's Guardian Angel

When I was 18yrs old, I was already a mother. My baby George (Natus) was 19 months old. I was still in high school, which at this time it was the summer before my senior year. I had been feeling very strange for about 1-2 months. I had a really bad feeling that something bad was going to happen to me. I would cry all the time. It got to the point where I was just freaking everyone out. On June 6, 1993, we had just finished eating dinner, and I was getting ready for bed, when I all of a sudden remembered that I didn't have that bad feeling anymore. I laid my son down, and went to sleep. At approximately 2 a.m we woke (myself and his father) my son had a high fever, and was not feeling good. We decided to take him to the emergency room to find out what was wrong with him. My mother would usually go with us when he was sick like that, but decided that this day she would just wait for our call. I decided to sit him in my lap, because he was throwing up, and was afraid that he might chock in his car seat. By now it was around 3 a.m, the streets were very lonely. Their was not cars at all. We were driving down a major street, when all of a sudden a thought came to me. "Maybe I should but on by seat belt?" No, nothing ever happens anyways." I wasn't even done thinking when I noticed that their was a Cadillac driving really fast, and about to run the stop sign right in front of us, when everything happened so fast. All I remember saying is "That car is not going to stop!" The car hit my door, and we were ejected from our car. I remember still holding on to my son, I could see the pavement of the road right in front of me while we skidded on the street. I had my baby wrapped up in a very thick Mexican blanket. All of a sudden I felt as if someone gently took my baby from my hands. At that moment I fainted. I woke up moments later hearing my self say Natus name. My baby father found me, under our own car. The car ended up at the other side of the road where it spun and ended up hitting a telephone pole. He pulled me out from underneath the car. Blood fell all over my face from a huge cut on my head that I got from the windshield. My son's father took off running to look for him, since we had no idea where he was or how he was. I attempted to get up and run too, but as I proceeded, I fell. My ankle was broken. I kept looking until I noticed that he had found my son. He was running around in circle hugging, and kissing him. At that moment I fell such a relieve. This is what I was expecting to happen. My baby was found on the side of the road just sitting their, not even crying. The police was instantly on scean. The car that crashed into us was stolen car that the police was after. The car we were in hit the telephone pole right were the baby's car seat was.  We all ended up all in the emergency room. I ended up staying a good 2 weeks in the hospital. My ankle was shattered, and I had road rash all over my body. My baby on the other had had a cracked skull, and a few scratches. I'm very grateful that his angel was their to care for him I truly believe that he was saved by his angel. Years later I was speaking with my best friend about the car accident when my son 7 yrs old at that time said to us that he remembered the accident and the angel that helped him. We both got chills and started to cry.

I just give thanks that he was okay, and that his guardian angel was their to take care of him. He is now 13, and I always tell him that it was a miracle he survived, and that he was kept here for a reason. He is meant to be someone very special.

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