Many years ago, my husband was seriously ill, he had been hospitalized many times and we knew that his time was short.   He was very ill and I stayed with him day and night in his hospital room.  One particular night, he was feeling very low and tried to tell me that he felt so alone and like no one cared.   I tried to convince him that he was not alone, that God knew where he was and loved him.  About three o'clock in the morning, the door to his hospital room opened and in walked what I thought was a nurse.  She went to his bedside and called him by his nickname, a name only his close family and friends knew.  She told him that God was there with him and loved him dearly.  She asked what his favorite song was.   He told her Amazing Grace.  There in the early morning hours she began to sing, her voice was so lovely it seemed to fill the room.   Tears rolled down my face as well as my husband's face.  You could feel the love radiating in the whole room as she sang.  She finished the song, turned and walked quietly out of the room.  I wanted to thank her for her kindness and followed her out into the hall.  The hallway was empty and there was no one in sight.  I waited for a few minutes as I thought she had went into another room.  Finally, I went to the nurses station and asked to speak to the nurse that  came into our room.  The nurse on duty said she was the only one assigned to those rooms and then I knew  that God sent one of his angels to comfort my husband and myself in our time of need.  Gene has gone home now, but when things get hard for me, I can feel the Love of God and his angels around us.   I thank God for His love and the care of angels.  I am always reminded of His Amazing Grace.


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