The Voice of an Angel

Harry's encounter with a something that has profoundly affected him, and although it happened 30 years ago he can still get very emotional about the day in question and remembers the whole event with crystal clear clarity and believe me he is not a man that has flights of fancy or easily led ,he is what we say in Yorkshire "Straight John Bull" In other words you can trust the word of this man. And he has kept this event very close to his belt, in fact it is "I" that has brought it up of late and I feel a little guilty because I have unintentionally made him relive something that could have ruined his life and ended the life's of other Human Beings, and when I relay the story you will understand why!! It was Saturday morning at North Yorkshire's deep coal-mine Kellingley colliery, the weekend was the time when coal production stopped and much needed maintenance was carried out. The mechanical Fitters and the Electricians were the people that ran the mine on weekends and the work they carried out was vital to the safety and the continued prosperity and coal production of the mine. Harry was ; although very young, a seasoned and well respected Electrical  and qualified to isolate high voltage so that other electricians could work on the cables and equipment switch gear etc .
(It gets a bit technical here !!) Harry was assisting a young electrician to install a 100 metre very high voltage cable, deep underground on the third level 84s district; they had a team of 6 men to assist. When the cable was installed Harry said to the young Electrician we should test this cable first by using their meters before putting the power back on ,but the young Electrician said it will OK and it was his district so Harry agreed but added if it is faulty we will be in trouble, but went ahead and returned the power anyway,, But as Harry had predicted the cable connections were faulty and all the machinery did not work correctly so they were now in deep do do ... Harry said "look I will walk out over a mile and knock the power off and you can test the cable". Harry did this but unfortunately knocked the wrong switch off and told the young electrician to test the cable, which was still live.........11000 volts (I hope you have understood the story so far because Harry had to explain it in detail to me???) After Harry had been on the telephone to young electrician telling him it was safe to work on the cable,( Which was still live ) a voice came over the mines Tannoy system asking Harry to check that the power was really off??Harry spoke to the voice saying yes it was off but the voice was insistent Harry was confident that the power was off but the voice told him you must check it !!! Harry casually checked the power and found it was still on !!! His heart raced and he ran to turn the correct switch off and he did this with seconds to spare before the young electrician and the crew would have been killed ( Harry knew how close it was through technical reasons I do not understand) But what made the whole incident beyond belief was the tannoy that the voice told Harry to check the power was off ,was not connected to anything it had no power connected to it at all in fact the following week it was Harry's job to connect it to the mines tannoy system !!!! Harry said I have spoken to a Guardian Angel this day it saved the lives of all the men on the district and stopped me from ruining my life .. (He was in shock for weeks after)I hope you understood the events that took place and I hope I have explained it correctly. 


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