His Angels
By: Galynn.B.Reid@hts.on.ca

This story happened to me earlier in the year, I am 18 years old and have my own liscence. I was following my friend home from school as we were going to do a school project together. I followed him to an intersection and we were turning left. The road was buisy and my friend was only just able to get out of the intersection, I was not so I stayed in the left turning lane. When it was my turn to go I drove slowly trying to see if my friend had pulled into any of the various parking lots linning the road. This made the ditance between me and my friend even greater. Just when I was going to freak out I saw a similar car to my friends and followed it, thinking it was him. Before I knew it I had driven to a street i didn't know and felt so angry and frustrated and even a little scared that I decided to pull over into a corner store to regain my bearings. I went for my phone, which I knew was already dead, and went to turn it on. it worked! I talked to my mom a bit and told her my problem and she went to look up the map for where I told her I was (I found the street name). Right before she could tell me the phne lost connectin. I called her agian. Once again it worked to my utter delight, jsu tlong enough to tell me the street was not on the map. I was, at this point, fed up. The phone died again. On my third call I told my mom I was going to go home and right after that it died or the third and last time. I was on my way to where I had thought I sarted off getting lost when I prayed to God "just let me find my friend, let me get to his house we have to do this project!" As I was passing a church (on my right) I, for some reason, looked to my left and what did I see...my friend headed in the opposite direction. I turned around (in the church parking lot of all places) and followed him to his house, which I had actually passed in my little adventure. I told him that I had seen someone else with large hair (my friend has an afro) and had followed her thinking that it was him. Though this story seems mundane I think that it is anything but, God helps everyone in any way that they need it, I had called and he answered in a "loud voice" as I see it. These miracels happen all the time but sometimes you don't know it because you weren't at a churc like I was, or something. This is what I mena about a "loud voice" anything that is obvious. Also, I have faith that God and his angels helps everyone much more than most people think he does. Anyway, its a small story but I have told plenty of people and it makes them smile so its actually far bigger.

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