Angels In The Sun

When my great grandmother died, things became really hard for some of the members of my family, my great grandfather didn't know what to do with himslef and my grandmother and her sisters were distraught with loosing their beloved mother. My uncle, my greatgrandmothers grandson, is an avid photographer, he has taken several images of the sky and of nature and they all look increadible. The day after the funeral he went outside to his mothers backyard and took a picture of the setting sun with one of those old disposible cameras. He thought nothing of it, besides having taken a picture of the beautiful setting sun, and went back inside to his family. A few weeks after he got the pictures developed and went through the images to see what he had captured on film. When he came to the picture he had taken of the sun he stopped in utter amazment. On the picture, directly where the rays of the sun and the sun itself was, was a bright and brilliant full angel. Comprised of the rays of the sun as you would see them on any picture or video, the angel was shown in a range of reds, blues, purples and oranges: it was stunning. Where the angels face would have been was the sun and her wings were made of gleaming pink. She had long robes on, perfectly symmetrical, it almost appeared in the shape of a snow angle, there were no legs and no arms, it was simply one solid "dress shape". This picture was blown up and has hung in the halls of my great aunts house in loving memory of my great grandmother. I have a feeling she is watchng out for all of us.


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