Protected by Angels

Here is a story that happened to me a few years ago.  You may publish it as a validation that there are angels waiting to help us at every moment.

A few years ago I was homeless for about six weeks.  I would sleep in my little GEO convertible near a college I was attending.  Each night before I went to sleep, I would "surround my self and my car with the white light  of love and protection."

I always slept on the passenger side of my car because the seat on the driver's side would not recline.  I also had two huge pillows against the door where I slept.  This hid the inside of my car on that side, and I always put up the sun shade on the front windshield for a little more privacy.  One night about 3:00 a.m. I was awakened suddenly by  the sound of heavy boots tromping on both sides of my car.  The boots stopped right at my car.  I looked to the driver's side and through the window I saw a male standing there.  About two seconds later, he pulled a jimmy out of his pants and began to stick it into the outside of the window well in order to pop the lock and gain entrance.  I was shocked, but instinctively I reached over and hit the window soundly and yelled "Get of out here!"  Suddenly a dog started barking ferociously.   The two men were not expecting someone to be inside.  I watched the male freeze and slowly pull the jimmy out of the window well.  He then walked away from the car with the other male.  I was so shocked that I couldn't move for a while.  Then I lifted a portion of the sun shade and watched the men walk quickly down the middle of the street.

The next morning after I recovered somewhat from that incident, I realized that angels had protected me that night.  Two angels who wore heavy boots and one who barked ferociously.  I knew that because no dogs were allowed in the student apartments on that street, and I also remembered that when I watched the two men walking away that night, they both wore tennis shoes.

It was Finals Week, and later that morning I handed in my last exam and went to stay with a friend.  I will always be grateful for the angels who protected me in my time of need.

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