The Song

Our Grandfather has been fighting stomach cancer for years now and on March 21st of 2006 the battle ended for him. Before he died mom went to vistit and told she will be fine with his death if he gave her a sign that he was ok. About 2 weeks later my mom was at work and the song  Angel, by Sarah McLaughlin came upon the radio and ray a sun shine came across her face as this all  happen she had feeling that her dad past, she turn to her co-worker and said her dad just passed away, 5 Min later she got a from her sister saying that their dad had passed on. We said our sad good byes but we knew  he wasn't in pain any more and he was in a better place. It was the year anniversary of his death and my mom was at and what came on the radio was the song Angel, by Sarah McLaughlin and it was the 9:15am and it was the time that her dad died. She got goose dumps and she looked up and said thank you dad.

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